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International Recognition

  • Mauritius is in the OECD "white list" of jurisdictions that have substantially implemented internationally agreed tax standards. The OECD Report 2013 evaluates Mauritius as being largely compliant with global tax laws on par with jurisdictions like Singapore, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
  • In the World Bank's "Doing Business Survey 2014" report; Mauritius ranks first as the country with the most favourable business reputation in the African region and scores 20th place in the Ease of Doing Business Index out of 189 countries surveyed.
  • Mauritius ranks 1st in sub saharan countries and 56th out of the 178 countries surveyed in the 2014 Environmental Performance Index. Mauritius also ranks 1st in air quality, and in Forests.
  • Mauritius has been adjudged the most peaceful country in Africa and 24th in the world - Global Peace Index 2014 report by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)
  • In Global Competitiveness Index 2013-2014 of the World Economic Forum, Mauritius is ranked 45th in a list of 148 nations.
  • The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) 2014 Report ranks Mauritius first in overall economic transformation, in comparison to 20 other countries in Africa.
  • The Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal rank Mauritius 7th over a total of 144 countries in their World Index of Economic Freedom 2014.
  • Mauritius ranks 1st out of 52 African countries in terms of overall Governance, according to Mo Ibrahim Index 2013. Mauritius is one of eight countries to have remained consistently in the IIAG’s top ten since 2000. Mauritius ranks first in the category Sustainable Economic Opportunity and first in the sub-categories Personal Safety, Business Environment and Welfare. 
  • A study conducted by Swiss law firm John Theron ranks Mauritius the 4th best destination in terms of quality of life, political stability, strength of legal system and, more importantly, tax rates on natural persons. The report views Mauritius as an attractive destination for expats eager to settle in a jurisdiction offering tax advantages whilst enjoying high standards of living.
  • Mauritius tops Africa in the Networked Readiness Index 2013. Mauritius with ranking of 55th in the Networked Readiness Index 2013 is far ahead of its African peers with a rise in internet subscriptions and users. The Networked Readiness Index 2013, an analysis of 144 countries in terms of their propensity to exploit the opportunities offered by Information and Communications technology (ICT) is carried out by the World Economic Forum in association with INSEAD, a leading business school.

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